VI. International Convention of the Goodeid Working Group


Date:           Saturday, 31st of October 2015

Venue:         „Luebecker Rudergesellschaft“, Huextertorallee 4, 23564 Luebeck, Germany


Planned course of the Convention:

Friday, 30st of October

Arrival and Check-in:

1. Hotel „B&B Hotel“, Konrad-Adenauer-Str.7, 23558 Luebeck,, Single room 52,-/ double room 62,- EUR/night without breakfast!

2. Hotel „Zur alten Stadtmauer“, An der Mauer 57, 23552 Luebeck,, 
    Single room from 61,- EUR/night

In both hotels are contingents reserved. You can book using the keyword  “Aquarianertreffen“.  
B&B Hotel has got a contingent of 30 single rooms and 20 double rooms until the 05th of September 2015, 
and  hotel „Zur alten Stadtmauer“  4 Single rooms and 9 Double rooms until the 1st of August 2015. 
Later bookings aber possible, but  have no access to the contingents.

From  6pm:  Cozy get-together at the venue, „Luebecker Ruder-Gesellschaft“ (address see above). 
                   When there is enough interest (registration essential), there will be organized a 
                   guided tour to the vaults of the „Marienkirche“

Saturday, 31st of Oktober

10:00:          Welcoming 
10:15:          Talk by  Michael Koeck (AUT), Topic: The genus „Xenoophorus“ 
11:00:          short break
11:15:          Talk by Dietmar Kunath (GER), Topic: Introduction to the CABGDF Goodeid-Database 
12:00:          Lunch (at the venue)
12:30           Talk by Chris Neal (USA), Topic: A different way of looking at Goodeid preservation and 
                    future plans
14:15           short break
14:30:          Talk by Gabriela Rosa Beltrán Lopez (MEX), Topic: Phylogeny of the genus Ilyodon
15:15:          short break
15:30:          Auction
17:00:          short break
17:30:          Roundtable (in english)
19:00:          dinner

The talks will be given in English. As we have two beamers, we will show the slides in English and 
German parallel and the talks will be translated in paragraphs into German.

Sunday, 1st of November

09:30:          Common breakfast and „Talk-shop“ at the venue. It is necessary to register for the 
                    breakfast until the 20th of October to adapt the buffet to the number of participants. 
                    Costs for the breakfast: 12.50 EUR per person.
                    Thereafter there is a planned to make a guided tour for interested parties through 
                    the aquarium-exhibition: “Frische Fische“ of the local Aquarium Club „ Luebecker 
                    Aquarien- und Terrarienfreunde von 1920 e.V.“ in the Museum of Nature and 
                    Environment, Musterbahn 8 in 23552 Luebeck. As this will be the last day of the 
                    exhibition, it will be possible to buy exhibited animals.