School-project and scientific project

Mark Liziczai from the High School in Mosonmagyáróvár started a conservation project in this school. About 20 tanks will give a home to about 15 more or less endangered species of Goodeids. This is the first project in a public school, showing the growing interest of eastern European breeders in Goodeid conservation ideas on the one hand, and how the vision even of a 17 years old guy can change a lot for fish. More details can be seen here.

The Goodeid Working Group has been asked by Kyle Piller to cooperate in a scientific study about the phylogeny of Goodeids. As soon as the study has officially started, we will ask members of the group to sacrifice some fresh born fry from each known species and differing phylogenetic strain to study the trophotaenia. We will start a list of people willing to cooperate in this study as soon as we know how to fix the fry for the studies.