Relaunch of the "About the Species" - Pages

  Due to the results and findings of several survey trips of the GWG since 2014, a meanwhile much better knowledge of the species' distribution and intraspecific relationship, new species' descriptions over the last years and an increasing number of pictures of fish and habitats gave point to start a relaunch of the pages about the single species, incorporating recent updates.

  The "new" pages will include bigger pictures of habitats and finally finished Husbandry Guidelines for all species. The pages will account for new phylogenetic results as far as published and include a new chaper: Sexual Dimorphism, as some breeders of Goodeids seem to have troubles in sexing their fish. On the other hand, the chapter about Karyology is already deleted as knowing the number and shapes of chromosomes has neither relevance in taxonomy nor has it any meaning in breeding the fish. The chapter about Distribution and ESU's will be more detailed encompassing all federal states, distinct drainages and basins where the species occur or occured, pointing also on the different subpopulations of them according to populated drainages. These subpopulations are seen as supplement to John Lyons' ESU's as in most of the cases, several subpopulations build up on ESU.   

  Observations of habitats done by the GWG in the last years will be incorporated in Habitats or Remarks, and a new map supplements the Distribution and ESU chapter. This map shows the Maximum Extent of Occurence (or EOO), a term used by the IUCN to describe the maximum area that is populated by the species in recent days to give you an overview of the species' distribution.  

  Starting with the species from genera with letter "A", one by one all the species will pass through the relaunch. By the end of January 2019 - except for the Sexual Dinorphism chapter and a few pictures of fish - the genera Allodontichthys and Alloophorus are finished, the genus Allotoca is in process.