About Fish Ark

Those who have been involved throughout the years know, that the last years, it had been very quiet around Fish Ark. However, this project is so exceptional and fantastique, that it simply must go on. The GWG has been asked to take over the tasks of Fish Ark and - to be honest - we are just talking about. I have invited members of the biggest livebearer associtaions in the world to work out a new concept for the FishArk, and some points seem to be fixed until now: We will focus on Mexico, and we accept 2 Aqualabs at the moment. Not planning to build more, but at least give us the possibility to do so if necessary. As Fish Ark is more than Goodeids, both groups will stay separate, but will work together and share persons. Other points we have talked about and fixed are transparency: We need annual reports what happened with the money. Both Aqualabs will be presented as parts of one whole project. Two legs of one body more or less, and we would like to fund special projects, e.g. reintroduction of Zoogoneticus tequila or Xiphophorus couchianus. We will need good projects and estimations of costs and then we will try to collect money and fund these projects, and I think it will be necessary to find a more professional way: We are mainly breeders, no fundraisers. Probably it will be the best way to find one for our goals. However, first talks, first ideas, discussion will go on, and whoever has got ideas or wishes: On our Forum, there is a special Fish Ark sub-forum for discussing the future of Fish Ark...you're welcome