Plan G is an ambitious action plan for the conservation of all extant Goodeid species found in Mexico. The idea was born during a Workshop in Morelia, Michoacán, in October 2022, the official launch of the plan took place online one year later on October 31, 2023 and its duration is set for ten years. One of the extraordinary things about Plan G is the international participation. In addition to Mexican universities, scientists and authorities, many zoos from all over the world, international NGOs working in the field of freshwater fish conservation, and through the Goodeid Working Group many private enthusiasts from all continents are involved, and this internationality is also reflected in the composition of the adiminstration team, which tries to put the best minds at the best possible levers to steer this plan to success.  Another special feature of this action plan is the unconditional desire to interest the local population in the protection of Goodeids and to involve them significantly in the process.

  The logo symbolically shows the outline of a male Chapalichthys encaustus with the letters Plan G and Mexico to make it clear that Plan G only includes the viviparous Goodeid species of Mexico. In the anterior body of the fish, a so-called haplotype network (borrowed from the genus Ilyodon) symbolizes the international network of stakeholders that will carry Plan G to success. By clicking here or the "Action Plan for the Conservation of Mexico'sGoodeid Fishes 2023 - 2033" - picture below, you will get detailed information about the Workshop and Plan G. By clicking above on the "official launch" link, you will be forwarded to the recorded Webinar from October 31st, 2023. 

  The progress of Plan G, the selected projects run under this plan, stories related to it and many more will be compiled on this page, updates of it will be announced in the News on the frontpage as well as in the Newsletters. For direct information use the following E-Mail account: plan-g(at)