1st European GWG Workshop in Vienna, 27th of May, 2017

  As our European Goodeid Working Group conventions usually leave not enough time and space to discuss topics intensively, we will give the possibility of a spring Workshop a first try. The topic of this test - Workshop will be:

"Collecting and shipping Goodeids and other fish from Mexico to Europe. Procedures - Permits - Problems."

The Workshop will start inofficially with a common dinner on Friday evening, the 26th, then there will be the Workshop on Saturday the 27th from 10 - 16h (Attention: The number of participants is limited to 15 including Erwin Radax and me, so registration is strongly required!) and a little frame program for Sunday the 28th and additionally possible for Monday 29th for those who stay.

Registrations please send to: m.koeck(at)goodeidworkinggroup.com