Attention: Donation button

Pay attention to our newly installed donation page!

Now it is easy to fund the GWG or Fish Ark simply by transfering an amount via Paypal! Please specify, if you would like to fund the Goodeid Working Group (see below) or Fish Ark by specifying the lab in Morelia (text: Morelia) or Monterrey (text: Monterrey). Projects of these two Aqualabs will be presented on the Donation-page. As soon as we have an amount of an equal of at least 1.000 Euros, the money will be transfered. At the moment, we have collected 365.- Euros for each of these labs. Please, help us speeding up our support by funding Fish Ark!

For funding the speakers in Asperen (or the following conventions in Europe) or the European chapter of the GWG, specify your donation with the text: EGWG, and if you would like to fund the North American chapter, or speakers at the NAGWG meeting in spring being part of the ALA spring convention, specify with the text: NAGWG. However, both meetings are in need of financial help.