Back again...

Hello friends, I am back from a long absence due to private problems and pressure from finishing a book about Goodeids.

Here we are with some news:

1. We have a 16th RG: Switzerland - thanks to André Schweiwiller to take over the task to do it

2. Database: nearly finished, I have seen the 1. version, and it is looking absolutely fine. Some little changes will have to be done, then everyone has access to his/her own area to add stocklists.

3. Literature-database: I am asking in advance: We will need someone adding literature to the database, someone who is used to work precisely. Volunteers welcome!

4. Newsletter: No idea why it doesn't work. If we have someone among us used to work with CMS system DRUPAL: Need your help!

5. Emails: I will install an Email-account for every member, this by simply taking the Username and adding: This will be necessary for keeping privacy but nevertheless allowing direct contact from member to member. This for building up personal network and freindships. The list of members (only Usernames) will be seen only in the member area and by clicking on the Username, you will be in the mail program for direct contact.

6. Authors and Webmaster: I would like have more people intergrated in the site, and above all to have the things going when I have not enough time to do so, so I would like to have a webmaster (as everybody knows - not much to do, unfortunately, but will change hopefully) and authors to add news, to write chapters and so on. Maybe 2 or 3 people with editor rights:-)

So, this for the start...