A short summary of the meeting in Vienna

Just a few words about the gone meeting in Vienna. Well not telling, how great it had been or that the ambassador of Mexico in Austria had been attending the meeting, but just what have been results of the meeting. One point, the Fish Ark situation, I have presented in the news before. Another point, also very interesting and more or less fixed: GWG will be separated into 2 chapters...Don't be afraid, no splitting, but simplyfying. As many Americans would like to attend an international meeting, but can't due to high costs, and the other way round, it won't be easy for Europeans to attend an international meeting in the states, John Lyons brought into discussion, why not creating 2 chapters: A North-American chapter (NA-GWG) and an European chapter (E-GWG). The chances: One meeting in spring in the states (together with the ALA-meeting), and another one in autumn in Europe, probably by inviting speakers from the other chapter. This system would increase number of Goodeid interested people in the states (to be honest, on this site it is already the biggest party). However, we are thinking of exchanging fishes officially from chapter to chapter, and we are talking about a changed structure of the GWG (apart from a working group). In April, I will be part of the ALA-meeting as a speaker and would like to invite everyone to come there and be part of the inauguration of the NA-GWG.

Discussions are not over, not at all, but the way is good, and we will proceed going it. We are really on a good way saving rare species, and we won't stop doing it. Meanwhile, we have 4 breeders maintaing the Allodontichthys polylepis from Río Potrero Grande and many more maintaining Allotoca meeki. We won't give up, never!

Meanwhile, the 4. International meeting is fixed and it will be on the first weekend in September in the Netherlands, details will follow as soon as possible