About the Database

As some of you might already have noticed: our Database is out of order. This happened as the new Website version was no more compatible with the Database. Therefore, we started to incorporate the Database in our Website to prevent things like that for the future. The new Database is now restricted to "About literature" and "About our stocks", the second one designed, but not filled yet.

  The whole Database can be seen and used exclusively by logged-in members of the GWG. By now (end of January 2019), the literature Database is in the process of being filled with papers. It already gives users the possibility to search after authors, documents or sources, lateron it should be possible searching after species as well. This Database was created by the late Dietmar Kunath and ended so far with the 2017, but new documents will be ongoing added as soon as the existing documents are completely available on the Website. This takes some time you can imagine, especially as we are talking about several hundred papers and publications in several different languages.

  As mentioned before, the Stocklist is only designed so far. The reason is on the one hand, that we had to assign each User a specific identifier (Member-ID), consisting of the country code and an ongoing number. This was in need to keep each ones privacy on the one hand, but also to assign each one of you an own GWG Email account in the future. This identifier is displayed on our member map instead of the Username and this Email can be used in the future for contact between members, but staying anonymous when wished. However, each stock passed on to the GWG will be connected exclusively with this identifier and not with your name or Username. To get the stocklist filled with fish, it will require a broad cooperation of you all and some efforts done by the coordinators. However, it is on schedule for 2019 and you all will get an Email concerning this topic and you will get another one with your Username and your identifier to check all your data. When you have lost your Password, you can anytime require a new one.