We need your help!

For the Website, we are looking for a lot of things about Goodeids.


  1. We are looking for Participants of the Goodeid Working Group:

Hobbyists as  well  as Public Institutions.  Don’t be shy and join us!

  1. We are looking for Photos of goodeids and Photos from the habitats of Goodeids:

Some of them will be chosen for the species-description area, the others will be saved on our database.

  1. We are looking for Breeding reports:

We would like to add as many reports as possible to each species, showing many setups and ways to reach the goal.

  1. We are looking for Data:

Who is keeping which species and strain? Who collected which species when,  where and how?

  1. We are looking for Information:

Who had seen which species where?


Thank you for your support!