Reintroduction projects for Goodeids

Talking about coming projects in México in the purpose of conserving Goodeids, Omar Domínguez revealed besides the building of more semi-natural ponds on the area of the University of Morelia, that he is thinking of 2 projects ending up with the reintroduction of vanished species or populations of Goodeids in their original habitats. The first one is concerning Zoogoneticus tequila, a very colourful and famous species, that has been extirpated a short time after its discovery in 1992, and before it had been described in 1998. Till today, it isn' t completely clear why this species had disappeared, but besides pollution, there is the possibility evident, that the introduced Poecilia mexicana, that prefers a nearly similar nourishment as Zoogoneticus tequila, has been part of the extirpation. Now the University of Morelia is thinking of releasing a stock of seminatural kept specimens into the original habitat of Zoogoneticus tequila

The second project has been born this summer and is concerning Characodon audax of El Toboso, that vanished quite recently. The reasons therefore might be a very dry season and an "exploding" population of Gambusia senilis. However, this spring the locality has been filled with only this species as it looked like. Due to the small habitat, Omar Domínguez is seeing chances of electrofishing in the habitat to eliminate or reduce the introduced Gambusia senilis. Thereafter, semicaptive bred stocks from the Black Prince might be released again in the spring pool near El Toboso in case the species has really completely disappeared there. 

Both projects are concerning very popular Goodeids, and species that have been populating quite small biotops, so the developement of the reintroduction can be observed quite easily. Of course, it is easier to "sell" the reintroduction of a colourful fish, that is noticed by a lot of people, than one of greyish ones. Besides that, these projects are the first ones in that way, so troubles may occur, and it may be better to release in the first projects species, kept by a lot of hobbyists and being not in immediate danger. However, it is the right signal at the right time, and the Goodeid Working Group is very glad about these ideas and will keep you informed which efforts are undertaken and about the success. 

Here we ask you for help: The Goodeid Working Group is supporting both projects. Estimations concerning the costs for the Zoogoneticus tequila - project range from 50.000 up to 60.000 Euros, in case the local government won't fund the project. To start the talks between the government and the university will cost around 1.000 Euro. The costs for the Characodon audax - project (means electrofishing) are estimated much lower, about 1.600 Euro.
If you are willing to support the efforts of the Méxican scientists, you are welcome to fund the projects. We have established an account:

Goodeid Working Group

IBAN: AT37 1400 0015 1091 4178


Please specify with "audax" or "tequila", so we are able to assign the money to the right project.