New Coordinators and more

Coordinators in some regions have changed recently. We now have Nigel Hunter representing the United Kingdom and Ireland and Thue Grum-Schwensen representing Scandinavia. Concerning the United States, John Lyons has taken over the task of beeing the head of a North American chapter of the GWG (NA-GWG), all other regions including even Uruguay will be part of an European chapter, E-GWG. The inauguration of the NA-GWG happened already, and after the consolidation of this chapter, the impact of this new structure will be able to be recognized in the organisation of our board. Until that, the board will remain like it is at the moment.

We all hope, that the upgrade of the North Amercian group will help to incorporate the American breeders stronger in the activities of our group. So from now on, we will have 2 conventions per year: An European one in fall in Europe and a North American one in spring, being part of the spring convention of the ALA. Further news will follow...

Furthermore: except myself, we now have 4 more editors of the site: Alain Grioche, Kees de Jong, Nigel Hunter and John Lyons.

Michael Koeck