Anatomy and Members

Admittedly a strange title for a News chapter, but it should just encompass the work on the Webpage that has been finished over the last two weeks. In the chapter Anatomy, the subchapters Skeleton and Musculature have been finished, including drawings to support the information found in the text. New subchapters about the digestive and urogenital systems have been started to get filled with information, but won't probably be finished before January. 

Additionally the maps with the Members have been completed. When it was done the last time in 2021, the GWG encompassed around 450 members. Now, with key date 20.11.2023, the number of GWG members has grown to 647, a plus of almost 200! The maps show (not precisely) the localition of the members, and they don't show who is living where. They just should give a rough idea where the members are distributed, and it is really impressive to see: Our members come from 37 countries, with the majority living in the United States of America, Germany and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but we also have people supporting our work from countries like South Africa, Thailand, Israel and Malta.