Tlaloc hildebrandi

English Name: 
Chiapas Killifish
Mexican Name: 
Popoyote; Escamudo de San Cristóbal
Original Description: 

  MILLER, R. R. (1950): Profundulus hildebrandi, a new cyprinodontid fish from Chiapas, Mexico. Copeia (1), 1950: pp 22-30


  Miller named this species after the US American ichthyologist and herpetologist Samuel Fredrick Hildebrand, whose scientific life focused among others on studies on the Central American ichthyofauna. The fish is simply named "Hildebrand's Tlaloc".

  The genus Tlaloc was erected by José Álvarez del Villar and Jorge Carranza Fraser in 1951 for 14 specimens of Cyprindont fish from Chiapas, collected by the US American zoologist Clarence James Goodnight. The name refers to the Aztek divinity Tláloc, who was in the Aztek mythology the deity for rain, fertility and water. Why they had chosen the Aztec god Tláloc instead of Chaac, the Mayan god for rain, thunder and lightning, who was worshipped by the Mayan people in Chiapas, where the types were collected, is unkown.