Canada and Belgium

  Sometimes I'm surprised myself at how things work. Just a few days ago I had the idea to find regional coordinators for Canada and Belgium, and today we have them. The six-member group in Canada is being taken over by a very new member of the GWG, Marcus Nicholls, who has already shown a strong interest and passion for developing a viable group in a country that has its own difficulties with fish distribution, simply because of the long distances of the breeders and temperatures that make shipping impossible half of the year. Problems that do not occur in Belgium. Here, the French-speaking members used to be looked after by the French group and the Dutch-speaking members by the Dutch group, but with eleven members now, the community has grown large enough to merit its own regional group. This is led by someone who has been involved with Goodeids and the aquarium hobby for decades, someone who has always been a strong supporter of Goodeid matters: Ronny Vannerom. On behalf of the Goodeid Working Group, I would like to thank both of them for taking on this task and wish them every success in their new role! Michael "Miguelito" Köck